A fun and tasty option for parties and larger groups.  Our boil packages are sold frozen with easy instructions on how to cook up with no thawing needed.

Create Your Own Boil Package

Make it just the way you want it.  For big or small groups.

The Bayou

Serves 5-7

2# EZ Peel Shrimp
5# Frozen Crawfish
1# Sausage
2# Corn Coblets
2# Potatoes
Boil Seasoning

Low Country

Serves 5-7

2# EZ Peel Shrimp
2# Snow Crab Legs
1# Sausage
2# Corn Coblets
2# Potatoes
Boil Seasoning

New Orleans

Serves 8-10

2# EZ Peel Shrimp
2# Snow Crab Legs
2# Frozen Crawfish
2# Sausage
4# Corn Coblets
4# Potatoes
Boil Seasoning

Mardi Gras

Serves 12-15

4# EZ Peel Shrimp
4# Snow Crab Legs
5# Frozen Crawfish
2# Sausage
4# Corn Coblets
4# Potatoes
Boil Seasoning

Fresh Fish

Per pound prices
Atlantic Cod*  $16
Atlantic Salmon  $20
Faroe Islands Salmon   $32
Halibut*  $36
Orange Roughy*  $22
grouper *   $28
Swordfish*  $30
Chilean sea bass *   $32.00
mahi mahi *  $18
Walleye*  $20
YellowFin Tuna*  $24

*Wild Caught

Fresh Shellfish

Per pound prices
Clams  $10 lb.
Crab Cakes  $9.00/each
Mussels  $8 lb.
Pasteurized Blue Crab Meat
(1 lb. Cans)
  • Claw – $30
  • Lump – $40
  • super Lump  $48
East Point Oysters – $1.50/each, $110/case
Scallops 10/20ct.          $34 lb.
sCALLOPS 8/10 CT.    $40 lb.
  • 21/25 Shell on Gulf Shrimp  $22 lb.
  • 21/30 P&D Gulf Shrimp  $25 lb.
  • 8/12 White Shrimp         $26 lb.
  • 31/40 Tail off White Shrimp  $20 lb.

Soups, Sauces & Dips

Aioli Sauce  $6
Blue Crab Dip  $12
Clam Chowder  $9/pint
Cocktail Sauce
$3/half $6.00/pint
Dill Caper Sauce  $6
Lobster Bisque  $9/pint
Ginger Chili marinade  $5
Gumbo  $8/pint
Remoulade  $6
Shrimp Ceviche  $20 lb.
Smoked Salmon Pate’  $7

Cocktail Shrimp & Smoked Salmon

Per pound prices
AFS House Smoked Salmon  $30 lb.
Cold Smoked Salmon Lox  $35 lb.
Smoked Salmon Candy  $35 lb.
Cooked Cocktail Shrimp
Large (35 per pound)   $25 lb.
Jumbo (25 per pound)   $27 lb.
Canadian Grilled           (30 per pound)            $30 lb.

Prices and Availability Subject to change without notice.

We also carry many varieties of fish as well as additional sizes of shrimp in our frozen section

Fresh Sunday – 15% off All Fresh Fish & Shellfish

Crabby Monday – $10.00 off All 2 pound bags of Crab Legs

Lobster Tail Tuesday – $5.00 off per pound purchased on All Lobster Tails

Wine & Whisky Wednesday – 15% off any 2 bottles of Wine & Spirits



Seafood Party Tray

Having a party or gathering?  We now have the technology that allows you to create your own Seafood Party Tray online.  Choose from all of our varieties of Shrimp, Smoked Salmon, Crab Claws, Sauces, Dips and more to create the masterpiece you have always wanted.

Absolutely Fresh Seafood Market

We pride ourselves in offering the finest selection of Fresh & Frozen Seafood in Omaha.  Our store has everything seafood including Crab Legs, Lobster Tails, Smoked Salmon, Cocktail Shrimp, and a fantastic daily selection of Fresh Fish.  Plus, we have a wonderful selection of unique wines & spirits, gourmet grocery, and frozen entree’s and appetizers.

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